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The Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases cheap generic viagra at the UNC School of Medicine in Chapel Hill is a research engine for global health innovation and pan-university collaboration, transforming health in North Carolina and around the world through research, training and service. We are passionate about research excellence and training that nurtures emerging scientists, physicians and public health practitioners, striving for the highest attainable outcomes in patient care.


We accelerate global health innovation and cutting-edge discovery, improving the health of the most vulnerable populations while developing solutions to critical health problems worldwide. Our multidisciplinary investigators lead national and international studies on HIV, STDs, vector-borne diseases, women’s health, cancer, and much more. Every year, our Clinical Trials Unit attracts leading trials through NIH feeder networks.

Training & Education

Capacity building is intrinsic to our work on four continents, and we are proud to play a central role in UNC’s efforts to provide training and education in global research, both here in North Carolina and beyond. We offer programmatic structure and mentorship, through our global sites and partnerships, and we are building the capacity of thousands of scientists and health professionals globally through meaningful and impactful training experiences.


We are deeply committed to improving the health of the most vulnerable populations in North Carolina and around the world. Whether we're serving in the hot zones, advising health departments, or providing working group leadership that changes policy, our work is the synthesis of transformative research and training, that positively changes global health outcomes, by and for our communities.


"We value a truly global and caring ethic that recognizes we are all interconnected, and this means that everything we do has local and global considerations."



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